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Things to do in Bolivia - Stay in a Salt Hotel

Life is too short to sleep in boring places. Next time you go traveling, consider staying in unique hotels as memorable as the place you’re visiting. I’d never advocate that you spend loads of money just to sleep in a place where the sheets match the pillow cases, but how about a geodesic dome beneath the stars? Don’t be influenced by promise of a breakfast buffet, but using the vending machines in a capsule hotel is strongly encouraged.

Are you interested in staying strange?

There are plenty of unusual and unique hotels around the world if you know how to look for them. In South America, you can find hotels made of salt and refurbished war ships. Head to Europe for ice hotels or themed properties paying homage to eras past. In Asia, it’s hard to avoid unusual hotels with capsule hotels, beachfront bungalows, and tree houses that won’t cost you much at all.

Go camping, glamping, squatting, or time traveling. Travel far from the cities to experience something different. All it really takes to stay strange is a bit of curiosity and a proper appreciation of kitsch.

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