South America

Laguna Quilotoa

South America is a place for adventurers to thrive. It can be hard to believe that the things you’ll see here are of this world.

Trek to brilliant blue crater lakes, go flamingo spotting in the Bolivian desert. or get your hiking boots dirty wandering through the whimsical Valle de Cocora. Mingle with true fanaticos at a Brazilian futbol game or make your way to Carnival for the wildest costume party of your life. Sleep under the stars in the Elqui Domos or ride horses beneath the base of Cotopaxi at Hacienda el Porvenir. Stroll through Valparaiso with ice cream cone in hand to scope out the very best street art or taste the very best street food in Ecuador.

South America is best explored when you venture astray from the Gringo Trail and choose your own adventure. You can get started by choosing your destination below.

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