Alternative Europe

Cool Things to do in Hamburg - Street Art

Europe can be better than sitting inside a giant clog in Amsterdam. You don’t want to come back with a whole series of photos of you posing armless alongside Venus de Milo, do you? You can visit the Eiffel Tower, too, but you deserve more from your Eurotrip.

There’s a lot to explore in Europe. Spend your summer holiday hiking in the Alps or your winter season skiing them. Wake up in the fog to the sounds of waves crashing when you travel Portugal by campervan. Get into the alternative scene in Hamburg and visit some secret spots in Florence. Go for a swim in one of the other thermal baths in Budapest or experience the quirkiest places of London while the tourists gather beneath the scaffolding-covered Whitehall.

Toss the guidebook. Get on the train. Discover tiny towns. Lace up your hiking boots (or your combat boots) and venture out into the great, unreviewed, unverified unknown. This is the real Europe.

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