What Are You Into?

What would you do today if you had nothing planned? Maybe you would order entire an entire tapas menu and throw back the wine until you decided which plate you liked best. Perhaps you would forge streams and bushwhack along some backcountry path until you found something worth seeing. Maybe you’d plan a picnic in the park or drag some friends to a nude photography exhibition at the museum. You could glitter up for a music festival or find a corner in the library to thumb through pages of Charlotte Brönte until the sun dips below the mountains. But you probably already have plans, don’t you?

Travel allows us the rare opportunity to make time for the things that we love. When we’re removed from the expectations of everyday, we can follow the things that enliven our senses. And when you discover joy hidden away in an unfamiliar place, it can be thrilling.

So, tell me. What are you into? Here are some of my favorite things that we cover on Travel Outlandish. You can click below to learn more.



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