The Choquequirao Trek – A Guide to Hiking the Other Inca Trail

Discover what makes the Choquequirao Trek the best Inca Trail alternative when you experience this less-traveled trek in Peru for yourself. 

Choquequirao Guidebook - Map


  • Detailed topographical trail maps created by a professional cartographer
  • Color photos of the Choquequirao trek and ruins
  • Introduction to the history and culture of Choquequirao
  • Explanation of why the Choquequirao Trek is the best Inca Trail alternative
  • 3 researched trekking routes including distances and elevation change
  • Detailed instructions on the Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu including campsites & accommodations
  • Recommended tour operators and gear rental shops in Cusco


While Choquequirao closely resembles Machu Picchu with terraces, temples, plazas, and aqueducts, there is one very noticeable difference between the two: Machu Picchu gets over 3,000 visitors per day, while Choquequirao sees an average of only 20. This is because getting Choquequirao is an adventure in the true sense of the word. Sitting high in the Vilcabamba mountain range, the 15th-century archeological complex is accessible only by the very tough Choquequirao trek.  

The route is relatively unknown compared to other treks in the Sacred Valley. When researching the trip in 2017, we found that information was scarce, outdated, or impossible to find! In the pages of this book, we’ll give you everything you need to escape the crowds and confidently take on the Choquequirao trek for yourself.


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“The Choquequirao Trek – A Guide to Hiking the Other Inca Trail” is the first edition Travel Outlandish Guide created by the South America experts at Travel Outlandish. Discover what makes the Choquequirao Trek a good Inca Trail alternative when you experience this less-traveled hiking trail for yourself.