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Where to Stay on the Quilotoa Loop | Ecuador

Where to Stay on the Quilotoa Loop

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The Quilotoa Loop makes for an excellent introduction to trekking in South America. You’ll enjoy long days of walking through some really cool landscapes while still having a hammock, a heavy blanket, and a home cooked meal to come back to at the end of the day. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? And not only are there an abundance of hotels and hostels on Quilotoa Loop; a few of them actually offer the best hospitality in all of South America.

Planning a trek on The Quilotoa Loop? Below, you’ll find details on where to stay with photos from the best hostels and hotels in Sigchos, Isinliví, Chugchilán, and Quilotoa.

Sigchos | Hosteria San Jose de Sigchos

Sigchos is about as middle-of-nowhere as it gets, but with lovely suites and verdant surrounds, Hosteria San Jose de Sigchos makes for a comfy night before beginning your Quilotoa Loop trek. Private rooms start from $76.

Hotels in Sigchos - Hosteria San Jose de Sigchos

Check Availability at Hosteria San Jose de Sigchos

Other Hotels in Sigchos: Hostal Dinos (Dorm rooms start from $15)

Isinliví | Hostal Taita Cristobal

Hostal Taita Cristobal is one of my favorite hotels ever. With gorgeous views of the valley, friendly staff, lots of pets, and delicious homemade food, I stayed at Hostel Taita Cristobal longer than I expected and found it really hard to leave. Dorm rooms start from $17.

Hotels in Isinlivi - Hostal Taita CristobalHotels in Isinlivi - Hostal Taita CristobalLlamas in Insinliví

Check Availability at Hostal Taita Cristobol

Isinliví | Llullu Llama Mountain Lodge

Just next door is Llullu Llama Mountain Lodge, an eco property with similarly excellent views and a cool backpacker crowd to go with it. Dorm rooms start from $20.

Hotels in Insinlivi - Llullu Llama Mountain Lodge

Check Availability at Llulu Llama Mountain Lodge


Best Treks in South America - The Quilotoa Loop

Chugchilán | Hostal el Vaquero

Hostal el Vaquero is a comfy bed and breakfast on the edge of Chugchilán where you can wind down and enjoy some quiet after a long day of trekking. Dorm rooms from $17.

Hostels in Chugchilan - Hostal El VaqueroHotels in Chugchilan - Hostal El Vaquero

Check Availability at Hostal el Vaquero

Chugchilán | Hostal Cloud Forest

Also in Chugchilán is the eclectic Hostal Cloud Forest. It has excellent food and plenty of outdoor hammocks, and it’s one of the more social hostels if you’re looking to make some hiking buddies. Dorm rooms start from $18.

Hotels in Chugchilan - Cloud ForestHotels in Chugchilan - Hostal Cloud Forest

Check Availability at Hostal Cloud Forest

Chugchilán | The Black Sheep Inn

The Black Sheep Inn is a 3-star eco-lodge in Chugchilán, and hands down the most comfortable hotel on the Quilotoa Loop. It can get chilly at 3,169 meters, so each private room comes with a woodstove fireplaces and an actually hot shower where you can warm up after a long day of hiking. Private rooms from $132.

Photo from The Black Sheep Inn

Check Availability at The Black Sheep Inn

Chugchilán | Mama Hilda

Hosteria Mama Hilda is an upscale hotel in Chugchilán where you can stay in any of 5 types of cabins. The property was modeled off of a small city, which just goes to say they have a restaurant, bar, library, and gardens on site. Mama Hilda is where you ought to stay if you’re looking for a place with a warm community feeling, but a nicer standard of accommodation than the other hostels in Chugchilán. Private rooms from $67.

Photo by Mama Hilda

Check Availability at Mama Hilda

Quilotoa | Lodge Runa Wasi

After the hospitality of Isinliví and Chugchilan, the hostels in Quilotoa leave much to be desired. Lodge Runa Wasi is one of the more tasteful hotels in Quilotoa. They have cozy rooms with a private bathroom & fireplace (and really great dogs!) but the food and hospitality were just alright. Private rooms from $51.

Hotels in Quilotoa Laguna Quilotoa

Check Availability at Lodge Runa Wasi

Other Hotels in Quilotoa: Hosteria Alpaka Quilotoa (Dorm rooms from $17)

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