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Street Photography - Rooftops of Cascais

This post on street photography in Cascais is in partnership with Visit Cascais. They sponsored my stay in exchange for an honest review, but all opinions are my own!

It is often the places you’ve heard the least about that surprise you. Cascais, the pretty little town on the western coast of Portugal, is one such place. While it was once saved as a retreat for the Portuguese elite, these days, Cascais has some loveliness to spare for the rest of us. And it has everything you want from a coastal town (like year-around gelato!) while never crossing the line towards tacky.

Cascais is best loved for its long Atlantic coastline, but even more enthralling is the town itself. The restaurants in Cascais are always cooking classic seafood dishes passed down from generations before.  Even when the ocean is not in sight, the distinct smell of barbeque hanging in the air lets you know you must not be landlocked, at all. The town is painted with pastel hues and thick coats of white, with the occasional splash of color from a bougainvillea bush or planter box Perhaps more unexpected are the slates of crumbling tilework – the tile work that Portugal is so known for – decorating common city walls. Local ladies hang their linens out to dry from second-story balconies, then peek through heavy wooden shutters at the street life below. Old gentlemen in newsboy caps tap cane to the pavement or congregate on city benches for cigars and longwinded discussions about God knows what. Even the tangle of telephone wires and empty octopus traps make for a visual spectacle. So just when you think the best things to do in Cascais are going for a surf or lounging beneath a beach umbrella, you ought to think again. The city is truly awesome for street photographers. Here’s a look.

Street Photography around Cascais

Street Photography - Rooftops of CascaisStreet Photography - Looking Down at CascaisStreet Photography - Rooftops of CascaisStreet Photography - Air ConditionerStreet Photography - Cascias ColorsStreet Photography - Laundry in CascaisStreet Photography - Laundry in CascaisStreet Photography - Laundry in CascaisStreet Photography - DetailsStreet Photography - Streets of CascaisStreet Photography in Cascais - CarouselStreet Photography in Cascais - Friends

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Want to explore the seaside town of Cascais? It's far more than coastline that makes it special. It's a street photographers dream. Here's a look at Cascais through the streets, houses, and details that compose it.

Thanks to Visit Cascais for hosting me! Does this street photography make you want to check it out? If you’ve been, do you think it captures the city honestly?

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