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Gritty is Pretty: Street Art in Ecuador | Ecuador

Graffiti in Ecuador - Otavalo Street Art

We will always love the mess of a good city. To us, the urban drone is like a belligerent lullaby. There is anonymity and strange solace to be found in the chaos. We love to discover places that remind us of neighborhoods where we’ve lived; places where we can recollect memories, wandering uneven, bubblegum-covered sidewalks and running our fingers along muraled walls. When we travel, we look to the urban art to better understand the history, humor, and modern struggles of a whole society. And the street art and graffiti in Ecuador has taught us a lot.

Why would you leave a wall blank when you could paint it, anyway? There are murals depicting indigenous lifestyles and provincial times. Some depict conquest while others portray liberation. Many are light while some seem inspired by torturous hallucination.

You won’t have to look hard to uncover interesting street art and graffiti in Ecuador. Wander in any direction in any city and you’re sure to find something that will pique your interest. Below are photos of a few of our favorite works and street art cities from two months in Ecuador.

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Street Art in Quito

There is a saying in Quito that “no wall is white”. Street art isn’t the first thing you’ll notice about Colonial Quito, but once the splendor of the volcanoes and effects of altitude have worn off, you’ll find the city full of it. Find it in La Mariscal, Centro Historico, Floresta, Guápulo, and Monteserrín or don’t miss a thing and join Quito Street Tours on their Street Art & Local Life walking tour!

Graffiti in Ecuador - Quito Street Art

Graffiti in Ecuador - Quito Street Art

Street Art in Otavalo

Otavalo is most famous for the Otovalo Market each Saturday, but the urban art is more local and much more interesting.
Graffiti in Ecuador - Otavalo Street Art

Graffiti in Ecuador - Otavalo Street Art

Graffiti in Ecuador - Otavalo Street Art

Street Art in Montañita

You’ll go for the party, but spend a little extra time in Montañita, and the tiny town’s aesthetic just might win you over.

Graffiti in Ecuador - Street Art in MontañitaGraffiti in Ecuador - Street Art in Montañita

Street Art in Baños

With the Swing at the End of the World, Baños is famously a jumping point for all things adventure travel. But, if you look past the run-of-the-mill travel agencies, you can find local markets and some of the most intricate works of street art in all of Ecuador.

Graffiti in Ecuador - Street art in Baños

Graffiti in Ecuador - Daniel with Street art in Baños

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South America has some of the world's best street art cities. Take a look at photos from some of the best street art and graffiti in Ecuador!

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Have you ever been to Ecuador? Have any favorite street art or graffiti in Ecuador? Tell us about it in the comments!


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