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Creative Seeing in Santiago | Chile

Foto Ruta Santiago Tour - Street Art in Santiago

This post is in partnership with Foto Ruta. We received a complimentary photography tour in exchange for our honest review, but all opinions are our own!

There is one thing quite perilous about long term travel. You start thinking you know a place before you’ve really explored it. Every new place reminds you of somewhere you’ve been. You can feel your tired feet kicking away volcanic stone and breathe the smell of freshly baked croissants by simply closing your eyes. You’ve done it all before. In some ways, this type of visualization is magical. In others, it kills your motivation. Months into a trip, it’s easy to forget that you can find something new about anything if you take the time to peek into the edges or simply look up.

I’ve taken a total of 8,417 photos in South America, each of them occupying some ungodly amount of space on my external hard drive. But recently, I’ve found myself with a bit of a creative flat tire. Why photograph yet another fruit stand when I have the same photo from 12 other South American markets? Why venture all the way to this mirador when I can just sorta snap a photo from here? Do I really need to wake up for sunrise again? 

It was time to kick things into gear, so I partnered with Foto Ruta STGO. Foto Ruta offers photography tours to photographers of all skill levels. Their offering is “creative seeing” – like mindfulness for photographers – and their photography tour of Santiago focuses in on the finer details. Here are some of my favorite shots.

More details on Foto Ruta STGO and their photography tours at the end of this post!

Foto Ruta Santiago Tour - Street Art in Santiago

Foto Ruta Santiago Tour - Centro Gabriela Mistral

Foto Ruta Santiago Tour - Street Art in SantiagoFoto Ruta Santiago Tour - Street Art in Santiago

Foto Ruta Santiago Tour - Street Art in Santiago


About Foto Ruta STGO

Foto Ruta is a company offering photography tours in London, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Barcelona, and Berlin. Foto Ruta STGO is brought to life by the very sweet Cat Allen (@eyespyecat_photo), a British expat and photojournalist in Santiago.

Foto Ruta STGO offer tours for photographers of all skill levels, including: streetscape tours, smartphone photography tours, academia tours, street art tours, food photography tours, and #hashtag adventures. My favorite part was that the tour was hyper-customized to my interests. Rather than following a set route, we took the path where our eyes drew us. I was spared a tour guide spiel and instead given suggestions, opportunities, or directed towards interesting angles and lighting.

The tours are almost always private and start at $60.000 pesos ($95 USD).



Phone:+569 87666844

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Want to explore Santiago more creatively? Take a photography tour of the city with Foto Ruta! A photostory with details to help you plan your own trip! In partnership with Foto Ruta.

Thanks again to Foto Ruta for showing us around! What type of camera do you bring along when you travel? Would you ever consider taking a photography tour?

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