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Stay Strange: A Design Loft in Munich | Germany

The Flushing Meadows in Munich

This post is in partnership with The Flushing Meadows in Munich. I received a complimentary night in exchange for my honest review, but all opinions are my own!


The light bulbs flickered on in sequence, both spelling out the name of the hotel and casting light onto the otherwise vacant Fraunhoferstraße. You’d never know that Munich is home to 1.43 million people if you happen to arrive on a Wednesday after 8pm. Behind the heavy door was ambient music and an elevator directing me to the fourth floor. The high ceilings and exposed pipes in the hallway felt unapologetically cool. I was impressed and I hadn’t even checked into my room yet.

Looking for a unique hotel in Munich with a distinctly cool character? Let me introduce you to the Flushing Meadows.

About The Flushing Meadows

The Flushing Meadows is a design hotel located in the Glockenbach. The space was initiated by Arnold/Jäger/Werner. The trio are designers, gastronomists, and architects by trade, and you’d never even guess that The Flushing Meadows is their first endeavor into the hotel industry.

Exterior of the Flushing Meadows in Munich


There are 4 types of rooms available at The Flushing Meadows: the Single, the Studio, the Penthouse, and the Loft. Each room has a large, natural mattress by Coco-Mat and an en suite bathroom, but the rooms vary in size, view, and design. The Single sleeps one (obviously) and is the least expensive of the rooms. Upgrade to the Studio if you’re traveling as a pair and want a slightly larger 15sqm room with 4.2m ceilings. If you’d like a whole lot more space, the Lofts are huge at 30sqm with design inspired by select personalities. These rooms also have 4.2m ceilings and enough space to sleep three. Finally, the Penthouse has the same 30sqm, but is facing South for an epic view of the Alps.

Interior of The Flushing Meadows Loft in Munich

Value: A night in one of the rooms at Flushing Meadows will cost between €180-€250 depending on season and room type. While some unique hotels are all kitsch, the Flushing Meadows is genuinely high end. The rooms have carefully considered details and designed furniture. While it is an expensive stay, you get what you pay for when you consider location and the aesthetic of the rooms.

Get Inspired

The Flushing Meadows Lofts: There are eleven Lofts at Flushing Meadows, created in close collaboration with artists, DJs, designers, and other creative personalities. I stayed in Room 303, the Loft inspired by Austrian actress Birgit Minichmayr. Perhaps the best part of this room is the space itself with massively high ceilings. The design manages to be both romantic (sage walls, plush bedding, mirrors, and rustic wallpaper) and industrial (chrome elements, a vintage studio light, and exposed wires) without ever being uncomfortable.

Interior of The Flushing Meadows Loft in MunichInterior of The Flushing Meadows Loft in MunichThe Flushing Meadows in Munich Bed at The Flushing Meadows Loft in MunichThe Flushing Meadows in MunichThe Flushing Meadows Lofts


The Glockenbach is cleverly located near central Munich without all of the bullshit that comes with a true downtown location. You can reach some of Munich’s most popular areas like Marienplatz and the Pinakothek Museums within 15-30 minutes on foot. Given its location along the Isar River, the The Glockenbach is really best during summer stays when you pop outside for a beer on the canal. The area is also great for getting a drink with plenty of fun bars (including the hotel’s very own bar). Don’t know where to start? Check out their Outside Guide!

Exterior of the Flushing Meadows in Munich

Wanna stay at The Flushing Meadows?

The Flushing Meadows on


Phone: +49(0)89 552 791 70

Address: Fraunhoferstraße 32 80469 Munich, Germany

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Looking for a unique hotel in Munich? Take a peek inside The Flushing Meadows and their design lofts.

What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever stayed? Have any questions about the Flushing Meadows Hotel? Let me know in the comments below!

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