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what the hell is the Dinosaur Dance Floor? | Bolivia

Dinosaur Dance Floor - Taylor Riding a Dinosaur

What is Parque Cretacio + the Dinosaur Dance Floor: Archeological Site / Theme Park
Where is it? Cal Orck’o, Sucre, Bolivia
How much does it cost? $5 entrance + $1 photo fee
How long do I need? 2 hours

If you grew up with Little Foot and Earl Sinclair (+ you happen to be in Bolivia?) visiting Parque Cretacio + the Dinosaur Dance Floor in Sucre is your natural next move.

Discovered in 1994, the Dinosaur Dance Floor refers to the largest stretch of dinosaur tracks ever excavated. If that doesn’t sell you, perhaps the 25 to-scale dinosaur replicas (including one particularly gigantic titanosaurus) at the attached Parque Cretacio will.

The Dinosaur Dance Floor itself is quite significant. Speckled upon the 325 ft tall limestone wall are 5,000+ foot prints created by six unique species of dinosaur. “Johnny Walker” – a baby Tyrannosaurus rex – is the most celebrated park alum, having left behind tracks spanning 347 meters in length.

While you can see the prints from afar, surely the most amusing way to experience them is from inside the theme park. The place where you enter first appears to be the entrance to an industrial concrete plant (because it is), but push on until you see the plaster dinosaur heads looming overhead.

The theme park experience begins with a surprisingly-decent animation of dinosaur life and times + a free guided tour. If you want to skip over the tour, you can probably just figure out the food chain by seeing which replicas are running and which are chasing. From a corny-theme-park and precariously-preserved-natural-marvel perspective, the park is quite excellent! However, there were some seriously missed opportunities (ie. no dino-themed snacks in the restaurant).

There are two daily guided tours down to the Dinosaur Dance Floor for a closer view of the the footprints. If you miss them (we did), you can see the dinosaur tracks just fine from the viewing platform. We were a bit leery of the the nearby mining – sections of the wall have already fallen and been replaced with concrete – but for a local bus ride, the Dinosaur Dance Floor + Parque Cretacio is well worth the experience.

a Cretacious time at the Dinosaur Dance Floor

Dinosaur Dance Floor - Parque Cretacio EntranceDinosaur Dance Floor - Replicas in Parque Cretacio


Dinosaur Dance Floor - Titanosaurus


Dinosaur Dance Floor - Dinosaur Egg Replicas

Dinosaur Dance Floor - View of Parque Cretacio + Concrete Plant

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Looking for unique things to do in Bolivia? Head to the Dinosaur Dance Floor in Sucre - it's every bit as strange as you'd expect.

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So, what do you think? Will you add the Dinosaur Dance Floor and Parque Cretacio into your Bolivia itinerary? Have you been? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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