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20 Most Awesome Street Art Cities on Instagram

San Francisco Street Art- Blue Mural

What is it that you travel for?

You could be one of those travelers who favor mountain vistas and azure lagoons. Maybe you go for high-altitude homestays and to see the world’s icons? You could be out to capture the best landscape shots or a glimpse at endangered wildlife. Hell, perhaps you even travel for whiter pillow cases and hotel pool access.

Then again, you could be one of those with a complicated love of cities. You trek to famous summits and wake up for sunrise views, but ultimately, you long for the the disorder of a good city. You’re forgiving of imperfections, and you know exactly how to experience the best (and the worst) of a culture in an instant. Are you excited by noodle stalls, sprawling markets, traffic, noisy crowds, worn architecture, street art, and all the other urban signatures?

I definitely am. And I said “best street art” in the title, so if you’re reading this, I’d reckon some of that mess is for you, too.

With a taste for upheaval, photographers of urban life may never achieve the Instagram fame of those who spend their days roaming fjords and lounging on beaches. But they are out there. If you look hard enough, Instagram is filled with lovers of asymmetry, appreciators of grunge, and urban journalists. There is life beyond the flat lay! We’ve gathered a collection of the best street art around the world, curated by some pretty awesome street photographers and artists (and a maybe a few of ours, too). Let’s go!

the world’s 20 best street art cities as told by Instagram

1. San Francisco, California, USA

Man of the Mission #streetsofsf. Art by @zioziegler.

A photo posted by once we’re young travel (@oncewereyoung) on

2. Wellington, New Zealand

3. Tel Aviv, Israel

4. Valparaiso, Chile

Staircases in Valparaiso, Chile – an art lovers dream 🎨

A photo posted by Simone & Dan ✈️ (@theaussieflashpacker) on

5. Penang, Malaysia

6. Los Angeles, California, USA

Another installment of LA art #highlandparkla #graffiti

A photo posted by Sadie Redinger (@eclectic_trekker) on

7. Berlin, Germany

8. São Paulo, Brazil

9. Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

10. Seoul, Korea

Seoul street art. 🎈🎨

A photo posted by Laura 로라 (@willfulandwildhearted) on

11. Cieszyn, Poland:

12. London, England

Kings cross. #london #england #swing #explore

A photo posted by Lizzie Jones (@fromeuropeandbeyond) on

13. Melbourne, Australia

14. Buenos Aires, Argentina

15. Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain. Have you ever taken a picture that you love to look at, but that just doesn’t have a good story behind it? Here’s mine.

A photo posted by once we’re young travel (@oncewereyoung) on

16. New York City, New York, USA

17. Bogotá, Colombia

18. Cape Town, South Africa

#capetownstreetart #streetart #graffiti #art #africa #southafrica #capetown #woodstock #faith47 #iphone #iphone4s #iphone5

A photo posted by Cape Town Street Art (@capetownstreetart) on

19. Tokyo, Japan

20. Cairo, Egypt

Boy with Sandwich | Downtown Cairo, Egypt

A photo posted by bethibrahim (@bethibrahim) on

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