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About Travel Outlandish

I’m Taylor. In 2011, I partnered with Daniel Branson to create Travel Outlandish. Travel Outlandish showcases an adventurous and alternative way of travel.

People who travel like us want more than big bus tours and luxurious hotel rooms. Instead, we’re seeking experiences. We want moments of spontaneity, genuine interaction, and the kind of adventure that doesn’t feel unpacked from a box.

Travel Outlandish was created to share these unique travel experiences. Unusual hotels, alternative routes to a popular destination, offbeat attractions, cultural immersion programs, street food tours, and other alternative experiences all have the potential to make travel more interesting. We strive to capture the feeling of a place through video, photography, and narrative, empowering our audience to experience it for themselves.

We are currently traveling around South America and would love to partner with unique brands and operators. Do you think Travel Outlandish might be a good fit?

Here is a bit about our audience, by the numbers:

Why partner with Travel Outlandish?

There’s a whole lot of information out there. In fact, travelers will visit an average of 38 sites before booking.

How do you get their attention?

Compelling Content: By partnering with us, you will reach your target audience in a way that traditional advertising can’t — through authentic, inspiring, and vivid content. We have years of experience engaging audiences on our blog and social media channels. Let us save you the time and money it would take to create this content yourself!

Digital Footprint: We have a growing presence in the online travel community. With our knowledge of SEO and established online presence, we aim to introduce your brand as part of the greater conversation and establish long term search value with everything we create.

Likeminded Audience: We have earned the trust of a likeminded audience through professional and honest content. They travel like we do, and you can reach them at scale when you partner with us.

We have spent years developing an authentic audience in the niche of alternative, experiential travel.

Our Services

Are you interested in working with Travel Outlandish?

We do a little bit of everything, but we have the most experience in the following areas:

Past Partnerships

We’ve had the opportunity to partner with some pretty fantastic brands so far!

Click through the photos below for samples of some of our favorite sponsored posts.

Tours + Classes

Learn Spanish in South America        


Montañita Cabañas   



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Are you looking for reviews, press trips, travel photography or video, content creation, or consulting for your travel brand? We’re always looking for compatible partnership opportunities! Send us an email with details about your opportunity and we’ll be in touch with a current rate sheet. We look forward to hearing from you.

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